Flood warnings

Flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency (EA).          Be prepared! Know how to respond if warnings are issued.

>Flood Alert 

>What it means:-     "Be prepared"

>When its used:-     Two hours to two days ahead of flooding 

>What to do:-            -Be prepared to act on your flood plan

                                   -Prepare a flood kit of essential items 

                                   -Monitor water levels on the E.A. website.                                       

Flood Warning

>What it means:-     "Flood is expected, immediate action required."

>When its used:-     Half an hour to one day in advance of looding 

>What to do:-           -Move family, pets and valuables

                                  -Turn off your utility supplies if safe to do so

                                  -Put flood protection equipment in place

Severe Flood Warning

>What it means:-     Severe flooding-Danger to life

>When its used:-     When flooding poses a significant threat to life

>What to do:-           -Stay in a safe place, with a means of escape

                                  -Be ready to evacuate your home

                                  -Cooperate with the emergency services

                                  -Call 999 or 112 if you are in immediate danger 

Warnings no longer in force

>What it means:-     No further local  flooding is currently expected.

>When its used:-     When river or sea conditions return to normal.

>What to do:-           -Caution! Flood water may still be around 

                                  -Contact your insurance company

Live flooding information