After a flood

Once the flood waters have subsided you ,must take care! 

Inspection covers in the road may have lifted, sharp objects and pollution may all be present. 

Remember that flood water may have left structural damage to your property.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

Clearing up after a flood:

1. Always wear a face mask, wellington boots and waterproof outerwear when cleaning up after flood water 

2. If your electricity supply is not already isolated, get a qualified person to do this. Never touch live electrical items when standing in water.

3 Should you use a generator or pump to remove water from your property, ensure these items are used outside in a well ventillated area. Carbon Monoxide posioning deaths increase after a flood! Do not become a statistic!

4. Only pump out water when the water levels outside are lower than that inside. This reduces the risk of structural damage

5. Clean and disinfect your property using household cleaning products 

6. Whilst a garden hose is useful to wash down items, do not use a pressure-hose as these can blast debris and contamination around.

7. If you are naturally drying your property, keep doors and windows open for as long as possible. If using de-humidifiers, close external doors and windows. 

8. Have your central heating checked by an engineer before turning it back on.

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